Mike “Caisaman” Dürigen

Born and raised in Leipzig, Mike currently lives mainly in France, where he follows his passion for composing and performing his music in various musical projects.
Always attached to the rhythm of music, and active in various drum and percussion ensembles for several years, he discovered his first Handpan, the Caisa, at a small music festival in 2009.
Later he found his newer instruments, the Blue Point Steelharp, and finally in 2017 the Ayasa. As a result of his dedication to researching and developing his musical style, he has created a large number of his own compositions on these extraordinary instruments in recent years, whose exotic sounds and enchanting melodies fascinate and inspire the audience

Petra Eisend “Cellopan”

Fascination Handpan
The gentle, meditative sounds of the round metal objects beguile an ever growing audience. The virtuoso percussionist Petra Eisend, together with the cellist and flutist Sibylle Friz, developed an unusual duo programme of original compositions and improvisations. The individual pieces are reminiscent of film music and create images of magnificent “over how-under water landscapes”. In addition to Handpans of different sound spectra, percussion instruments, acoustic and e-cello, flutes and an impressive gong are used! With epic sounds and rhythmic impulses the two musicians invite you to a unique sound experience

Philipp Gerisch

Philipp Gerisch offers a unique combination of hand pan, didgeridoo and percussion in his solo program.
Grown up in the Vogtland, matured as a street musician in Australia and then at some point decided to make his living entirely from music, he has become a popular guest at festivals & other events throughout Germany and Switzerland.
Philipp Gerisch takes you on a very special sound journey – somewhere between danceable beats and deep relaxation. Convince yourself – because this year he will be present with the program for his new album “Einklang” at the 2nd Nuremberg Handpan Festival.

Edda B. Lang

Edda B. has been making music since early childhood. After piano, vocals and saxophone, she now concentrates on her heart instruments, the Handpan and electric bass. Together with Axel Stieber, an outstanding fusion bassist and guitarist,  and percussionist Hamidou “Edda B. Handpanproject” will perform at the festival for the first time. They love to improvise and simply follow the momentary inspiration and joy in music. Funky, fusion, meditative…it will be an exciting journey 🙂

Rafael Sotomayor

Rafael was born in Santiago de Chile. After many years of travelling the world he discovered the hand pan in 2003. Their sound was a perfect medium for Rafael to combine different cultures and musical styles in a unique way. In 2006 the painter and self-taught musician founded the artists collective “The Art of Fusion”. As a composer, musician and producer Rafael works in various musical projects. To express himself in different styles, like handpan music, jazz fusion, world or film music is his passion. With the brand “Opsilon” Rafael produces his own handpans.
“Life is a journey, not a destination” – Rafael

Dieter Weberpals

The studied musician, from Nuremberg, is a highly respected artist far beyond Franconia. Besides flutes of all kinds, from transverse flute to dizi, fula flute and tin-whistle, Dieter Weberpals also plays and teaches African drums, as well as various African instruments such as the balaphon.
For decades Dieter toured worldwide with his own band “Argile”, plays in different formations, moderates radio shows at the Bavarian Radio, is organizer of Rock Against Right, Africa Culture Days Forchheim, Nuremberg Night of Spiritual Songs and since 2019 the Handpan Festival.
With Mike “Caisaman” Dürigen, an exciting collaboration is being created for the first time, which is the result of the improvisation and great musicality of the two dynamic artists.

Free Saturday Special:

Moona – Pole&Pan

Moona expresses herself artistically in various areas of the art of movement. She brings fire artistry, light shows and poledance to the stage, whereby for her the connecting element is always dance.
She prefers to work in improvisation to live music.
Together with Edda B. a dialogue is created, which lives from the feeling and intuition of both artists.

Hear & see the artists (klick the pic):
Philipp Gerisch - pic M. Ritzmann